Friday, 6 February 2015

January Favourites

This post is now a week overdue and I did contemplate not putting this up at all but I have found some really gems this month that you really all need to see!

  • Mint Green Polka Dot Pug Make Up Bag - One of my friends bought this for me my last week and surprised me with it along with mini eggs and malteaster bunnies, she knows me well. I immediately swapped all my make up into this bag, it's so much more spacious, I think I need to buy some more make up. I believe she picked this up from Penneys for €4, if you're looking!

  • Tan & Rose Gold Skinny Strap Watch - I've been on the hunt for a really simple watch for a couple of months now, I do love Olivia Burton ones at the moment, but they are a bit pricey. I found this beauty in New Look for €15! I couldn't locate it online but it should still be in stores.

  • No7 Gel Look Shine Nail Colour in Persian Blue - Up until two weeks ago, I hadn't painted my nails since September and when I did go to paint them, I found that most of my nail polish had gone all gloopy, so I decided to pick this up with one of the No7 vouchers in Boots. I've tried a few Gel Look nail varnishes from lots of different brands, but this is by far the best, two coats and it is completely opaque. Managed to keep it on for three days without it chipping at all!

  • Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat - I discovered this upon raiding my friends nail stash after my gloopy nail varnish mishap. I had never used a base or a top coat before but she assured me that it stopped nail varnish from staining your nails and made them super shiny when applied as a top coat. She was right and I found myself in boots the next day spending my advantage card points on this.

  • Grey Running Leggings - I have a love/hate relationship with these. They are perfect for laying around the house on, or putting on to run quick errands but the one time I tried to go for a run in them, they just would not stay in the right place. I really wanted a pair of high rise leggings to keep everything together but these are not the ones. They have to go in my favourites though as they are more comfortable than any other lounge wear I have ever worn and so soft. They were less than a tenner in Penney's so I won't lose sleep over the fact that I find them completely unfit for purpose.

  • New Glasses - After struggling on for nearly a year with glasses that I had superglued together, I bit the bullet and treated myself to a new pair. I got them from Specsavers and although I was less than impressed with the customer service I am absolutely in love with my glasses. I wear them everyday so having a nice pair is a huge deal for me.

  • Charmed - At the beginning of the year my boyfriend and I bought the most beautiful 32" smart TV anyone has ever seen, I also got myself a Netflix subscription. Out of aaaaall the shows I could have possibly chosen to watch, I picked an old favourite of mine from my preteen years. Three sister witches trying to rid the world of all evil while trying to live normal lives. I don't really know what to compare it too, possibly Buffy, I feel like you get involved with the characters more in Charmed though and that's why it would win in a battle between the two for me.

That concludes my January favourites! I love doing these and I am really enjoying blogging again. What were your must haves for January?


  1. I love your glasses! When I was younger I went through a phase of wishing I had to wear glasses so I could have a similar style pair to that haha!

  2. Hi Katie, I just nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Here's the link to my post for more info:

    Kelly || Amourtera