Monday, 19 May 2014

My Top Picks // Floral Patterns

I absolutely love writing these posts, it cures my need to go shopping and creates a wishlist for me. I adore most things with a floral pattern, mugs, bedding, notebooks and most importantly, clothes. Here are some of my favourite items for Summer 2014! 

1. Floral Collared Skater Dress // Boohoo, €28

2. Floral City Dress // Topshop, £40

3. Blue Floral Print Zip Trim Skater Dress // River Island, €51

4. Floral Print Green Pleated Dress // ROMWE, €29.95

5. Black V-Neck Floral Print Playsuit // Topshop, £37

6. Black Floral Print Playsuit // New Look, €24.99

7. Tea Flower Godet Skirt // Topshop, £22

8. Floral Print Belted Pleated Skirt // ROMWE, €20.22

 9. Navy Floral Print Casual Shorts // River Island, €25

10.  Lace Floral Print Runner Shorts // Topshop, £35

11. Black Floral Print Shorts // New Look, €17.99

12. Black Floral Print Running Shorts // New Look €14.99

13. Gold Tone Clustered Flower Necklace // River Island, €20

14. Black Tapestry Floral Chelsea Boots // New Look, €10

15. Mint Green Rose Garland Hairband // New Look, €4.99

16. Black Floral Print Purse // New Look, €7.99

As always, I hope you guys saw a few bits in this post that you liked. Maybe not too many, I don't want to be responsible for any damage done to your bank accounts! My favourite pieces are 2, 7 and 12. I have been eyeing up number 14, the Chelsea Boots for quite sometime now and they are currently in the sale (dreams do come true).
Which items have you added to your wishlist? 


  1. Ooh love the floral topshop shorts!! Great post!

    1. Me too, they look super comfy too! Thank you :) xo