Friday, 6 June 2014

Doggie Day Out #2

I have made one of these "Doggie Day Out" posts before, which you can find here. I was hoping to have made more of these by now but alas, that did not happen. I'm sure we'll be taking the pup lots of fun places of the summer so I should able to share those trips with you. Last week we took Max to The Gearagh, which is about 40 minutes outside Cork City Centre. We gave him a travel sickness tablet again three hours before we left and he was perfectly fine, maybe you guys don't care about this but you know, just in case any of your dogs aren't too good with travelling, this might help someone! It was a really warm day and for some reason I decided to wear a jumper, I do not know what possessed me to do that, or the thought process behind it. I let Max off of his lead, he walked beside or in front of us, the whole walk. There weren't any other people or dogs around, if there were I would have put him back on his lead while the came by. Not because he's vicious or anything like that, he just likes to go up and sniff everyone, say hello but you don't know how people feel about dogs and I don't want to make anyone nervous. This is a very picture heavy post so I hope you guys enjoy looking through pictures of our day! 

I love this picture, I wish he wasn't kind of blurry but he was running towards me.

Excuse his puppy butt, his tail was cut off when he was a young. :(

We found that he liked to walk on the path and not on the grass.

Still following the path..

So that was our day. On the way home we brought Max to Brian's house for the first time. I was very proud of him for being so good off the lead and really good in a new house. I probably sound crazy but he's my pup. As I'm writing this it is currently pouring down with rain, which is meant to continue into the weekend so our plans of going somewhere this weekend have been put on hold until we get back from Paris. I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend though, whatever you're doing!

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