Monday, 2 June 2014

May Favourites

I have no idea where the first half of the year has gone. I am excited for it to be June though, 11 days 'till Paris! Here are a few bits that I have been loving in the month of May! 

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser - I picked this up in a No7 gift set at Christmas so it's only 50ml. However, I have used in since then and I'm just now coming close to finishing it. It also came with a muslin cloth which I used to polish of the cleanser. It feels really luxurious and leaves my skin feely squeaky clean. It's already a bargain at €12.95 but if you managed to pick up one of the No7 vouchers that are always floating around, it would be a steal.

SEVENTEEN Gel Colour in Azure Amore - I'm going to have a full review of this nail polish, along side the Rimmel Salon Pro ones (which should be up next week) because I have a lot to say about them. In short, I absolutely love this colour and I have found that it's a great colour for my toes as it has lasted over a full week.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me - I usually wouldn't spend more than a couple of euro on a shower gel but this stuff is just too good. It's the only shower gel I've ever found that you can actually still smell on your skin afterwards. It has the signature Soap & Glory scent, so nothing too crazy and not completely overpowering.

Taylor Swift // Wonderstruck Perfume - I got this for my birthday in November and I don't think I've used any other perfume since. I think it's going to be completely perfect for summer though as it does have a super fruity/sweet smell. Which I adore in a perfume.

Gilmore Girls - Everyone's seen at least one episode of this in their life right? This has been my television show addiction for the month of May. I don't like to describe tv shows because I never do them justice but basically, it's an American Comedy/Drama based around the lives of a Mother and her daughter. It is absolutely hilarious and seriously feel good. I love when a show can give me such strong feelings towards the characters and Gilmore Girls certainly does that for me. The boy also loves this so we spend hours watching it and it never fails to make us laugh or shout at the laptop screen.

So, those are the things I have been enjoying in May! I would love to know what you guys have been loving, do you have any TV show recommendations? 


  1. I've got the sugar crush body wash and I love it! I really winced at paying £6.50 for a body wash as I normally just pick up whatever is on offer and the cheapest but having bought this at the end of January with just under a quarter of the bottle left, I'm so impressed and definitely don't mind spending the extra money for something so nice that I know will last for ages! x

    1. I totally agree! Soap & Glory products are well worth the money :) x