Sunday, 1 June 2014

Seven Happy Things #3

Good Sunday afternoon to you all! I spent the majority of the week with the boy, so that has been my main source of happiness this week. Although, I've been in a strange mood for the past two days and haven't really felt like posting anything, so I didn't. I do have a fun filled week of posts for you all next week though, which I am really happy about.

  • My Monday was spent taking lots of blog posts and watching Fawlty Towers, if I remember correctly. Not too shabby. 

  • Late night watching of Shrek happened on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning and it was great. The film was made twice as funny due to me being extremely over tired.

  • I had the most amazing nap on Wednesday afternoon, after an intense morning of cleaning. 

  • Every Thursday there's a quiz in a bar called the Woolshed, it's free to enter and no limit on team sizes. The boy absolutely loves quizzes (he's also really good at them) so we decided we would head along to that. 

  • After a week away, I came home to the pup on Friday and that made me extremely happy because I missed his squishy little face. 

  • Yesterday, the boy and I decided to take the pup somewhere nice for the day. These are my favourite days. 

  • Sunday has rolled around again and today I am happy because I am going to spend the day with my two favourites. 

I hope you guys have had a lovely week and the weather has been as nice as it has been here, wherever you are. Tomorrow, I am heading up to Dublin to see McBusted so I am extremely excited for that. Do you guys have anything exciting happening in the week ahead? 


  1. Sounds like a lovely chilled week! Have an amazing time at McBusted - loads of pon my twitter/facebook have been going to see them and it's making me very jealous/nostalgic! xx

    1. Thank you! I should definitely be a night to remember! xx

  2. AGHHHH another Irish blogger :') I really liked this post , it was so positive. I can only Imagine what it was like to come back home to your puppy , I just love dogs :) Hope you enjoyed Mc Busted. There was such a crowd going to it !.
    Cait ||

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed enjoyed reading it! I had a fantastic time at McBusted, thank you! Yes, there were so many people there!